In the Press

Interview with Mark Smith

I speak with Mark Smith of Game Chronicles about my work on Blue Isle Studios' Valley, focusing on the artistic and technical considerations of game composition.

Interview with Paul Policarp

I speak with Paul Policarp of PressA2Join about my soundtrack for Blue Isle Studios' Valley and my work with live musicians.

Interview with Stephen Crane

I speak with Stephen Crane of TorontoGameDevs about my creative process and my soundtrack on Blue Isle Studios' Valley.


PlayStation LifeStyle

"One of the best video game soundtracks in the industry."

XBox Tavern

"The outstanding music is pitch perfect...brilliant musical score."


"The soundtrack is excellently composed, filled with beautiful tracks that elicit a wide range of emotions."

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My name is Aakaash Rao. I am a game composer specializing in neoclassical and New Age music with deep classical roots.

I enjoy composing story-driven soundtracks based on recurring motifs and orchestral arrangements. This style particularly lends itself to RPGs, but I have also completed soundtracks for platformers, FPSs, and mobile games. I collaborate with a number of live musicians in order to create emotional scores that complement and enhance the project's atmosphere.

I do my best to keep my prices accessible to indie developers and have a variety of pricing plans to choose from. Featured below are two pieces from a recent project. View my entire portfolio here

Current and recent projects may be found here; references and a credits list are available upon request.